"A Hands On Approach To Therapy & Literacy"

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Mini Adventures, Inc is a non profit, 501 (C) (3) charitable organization ran completely by

volunteers.  We provide a "hands on" approach to therapy and literacy.  As therapy tools, mini horses

are taken to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, hospitals, hospice, special

needs facilities, court rooms, children services, veterans facilities, and various learning disability

programs, to provide a holistic and gentle approach to therapy.  Mini horses ease anxiety & stress

and they provide comfort and joy through the human-animal interaction.  Mini horses educate, inspire

and motivate people they come in contact with.  As literacy ambassadors, mini horses provide a way

to encourage the discovery and desire for reading.  The mini horse becomes a visual tangible

physical connection to reading for each child.  Mini horses provide a non-judgmental audience for a

child to explore their reading skills with.

Miniature horses ease anxiety and stress.  They educate, inspire, and motivate everyone they come in contact with.

A miniature horse's disposition and emotional bond can encourage people of all ages to overcome obstacles that one would never think would be possible.

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